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Corporate Profile

Company Name KOJI HONPO CO., LTD.
Headquarters 2-26-1 Matsugaya, Taitou-ku, Tokyo, 111-0036, JAPAN
TEL +81-3-3842-0221
FAX +81-3-3845-1572
Factories Ichikawa Factory, Mobara Factory, Senzawa Factory
President Yoshinori Kobayashi
Employees 95 *As of April 2012
Date of Foundation April 1960
Registered capital One hundred million yen / JPY 100,000,000
Bank accounts Mizuho Bank, Asakusa Branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Nippori Branch
Business activities Manufacture, sales, import, export and copyrighting of products including cosmetics, cosmetic tools, false eyelashes, eye make-up, nail polish, nail care, character products, and related products.
Major sales channels Department stores, general merchandise stores, convenience stores, drugstore and others in approximately 20,000 locations
Contracted dealers Approximately 100 companies *as of March 2009

Corporate History

1927 Koji Kobayashi started a business manufacturing headdresses and hair ornaments.
1946 Company name changed to Kobayashi Koji Kesho-ryo Honpo.
*"Kesho-ryo" means "cosmetics"; "Honpo" means "specialist store".
1947 Launched Japan's first false eyelash product, TSUKE-MATSUGE (literally, "false eyelashes").
1949 Launched Japan's first eyebrow make-up in pencil form.
1950 Began the export of false eyelashes.
1954 Company's name changed to Koji Honpo.
1960 Registered corporate name as Koji Honpo Co., Ltd.
Founder Koji Kobayashi assumed the post of president.
1965 Established subsidiary company in Korea.
1967 Entered into the wig market.
1969 Established sales office in Osaka.
1970 Established branch in Fukuoka.
Established branch in Sapporo.
1971 Completed new headquarters.
1972 Released the MELLOW brand of false eyelashes.
1973 Released the DUO brand of false eyelashes.
1974 Released the JILL brand of false eyelashes.
1975 Released CHARM CHANGE, a hair-dye product for covering grey hair.
1976 Established the Dusty Miller Enterprise division, which handles rights, character goods and sales.
Concluded an exclusive contract with illustrator Osamu Harada.
Initiated commercial activities in the character goods industry with OSAMUGOODS.

Ichikawa Factory completed and began operations focusing on the manufacturing of adhesive products.
1979 Obtained authorization for the manufacturing of cosmetics.
1980 Established Osaka sales branch.
Launched EYETALK, a new make-up cosmetic designed to create artificial folds in the eyelid.
1981 Concluded copyright contract with KLIBAN.
1982 Completed second headquarters.
1983 Launched the MIA cosmetics brand.
Yoshikazu Kobayashi assumed the post of president.
1983 Completed third headquarters.
1984 Launched the JM cosmetics brand.
Launched the MINETTE false eyelashes brand.
1986 Released the FULLSESH nail care brand.
Released the FILAGE occasion and party make-up brand.

Ichikawa Factory expanded.
1987 Released the CONTE DU MIA cosmetics brand.
1988 Completed fifth headquarters.
Began copyright business including character design-related copyright.
1990 Opened the Soda Foundation showroom in Daikanyama, Tokyo.
1991 Ichikawa Branch Factory extended and completed.
1993 Released the OSAMU GOODS STYLE brand.
Released EYETALK Waterproof, a make-up product for eyelids.
Obtained a license for manufacturing quasi-drugs
1994 Merged with Dusty Miller Co., Ltd.
1995 Released the MATSUGE MATE brand of eye make-up.
Released the ETTIQUETE & TRAVEL brand of portable products.
1996 Released a new eyelash curler, the ACCENT CURLER.
1997 Released the NAILIST nail polish brand.
Released the Pencil EYETALK and TWO-WAY EYETALK make-up products for eyelids.
1998 Released the MEN'S SERIES brand of products for men.
Released the ULA and MAGGIE MAY brands of make-up.
2001 Mobara Factory was completed and began operations.
2002 Established Overseas Division.
2004 Launched the NATURAL EYETALK and ACTIVE EYETALK make-up products for eyelids.
Launched the SPRINGHEART cosmetics brand.
Launched TUCK in TAPE, a make-up product for eyelids.
Released CLEAR EYETALK, a make-up product for eyelids.
2006 Released TAKAKO style, a new brand created in collaboration with make-up artist TAKAKO.
2008 Appointed actress Tomoka Kurotani as the face of Koji Honpo 2008.
2009 Appointed actor Hiroki Narimiya as the face of Koji Honpo 2009.
Released Dolly Wink, a new brand produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka.
2011 Sho-hin Center (Senzawa Factory) was completed and began operations.
2012 Established Kita Nihon (North Japan) sales office.

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