Curving Eyelash Curler

¥ 1,980


Comes with storage case, 2 spare rubber pads

Curving Eyelash Curler 1,890 yen
Developed through careful research into the properties of the curves of the eyelids of women. This revolutionary curler separates each lash, curling them up and out into a gorgeous fan shape.
Unsuitable for mass production, these special curlers are produced with artisanal skill and attention to detail.

Conventional curler

Curving Eyelash Curler

●Bow-shaped curving frame

  • Bow-shaped curving frame designed to perfectly fit the lines of the open eye, allowing the lashes to be curved up right from the roots.
  • Supporting parts of the frame do not touch the eyelid, allowing the curving frame to fit snugly around the eye. Grips the eyelashes from the root.
  • Wide at 38mm from edge to edge, ensuring total lash coverage for a beautiful radial curve across all the lashes.

●With storage case

Complete with plastic storage case. Prevents any deformation of the delicate curve of the curler and the handles. Keeps the curler in great condition for longer use.  

●How to use
1. Look straight ahead with the eyes wide open. Line up the frame with the lash line.

2.Once the frame is lined up correctly with the lash line, the eyelashes will rise up from the roots.

3.Press the frame together a number of times, working the frame out towards the tips a little at a time.

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