Eyelash Fix Strong Type

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A powerful eyelash adhesive that’s still easy to remove from false eyelashes. A super strong adhesive that’s been designed to enable repeated lash use. Fine ink brush-type applicator for easy use.

■Standard type
Standard type. White on application, dries to clear. Uses natural rubber latex as a main ingredient. Stretches and moves with the movement of the eyes.

●Ultra-strong type
Main ingredients: natural rubber latex and acrylic resin. Dual action for ultra-strong adhesion.
With wonderful staying power for day-long application. Resistant to sweat and water, and stays in place firmly even at the corners of the eyes.

●Remove easily with no damage to lashes
Sticks to the eyelids firmly, but is simple to remove: the natural rubber latex hardens into clumps which can be pulled from false lashes with ease.

●Fine ink brush type
With a fine ink brush tip that works well with individual lashes, under-eye lashes and lashes with a thin base strip.

●Gentle on the skin
Contains plant ceramides and rose extract.
Cares for the delicate skin of the eyelids.

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