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Add False Eyelashes To Your Daily Routine! A Comprehensive Guide to False Eyelashes【英語版:つけま辞典】

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The idea that false lashes = flashy、is obsolete.

False eyelashes used to be associated with a full face of makeup. However, more and more, you can find false lashes that blend seamlessly with your natural lashes, making for a natural, yet enhanced look. Make up lovers everywhere are incorporating falsies into their routine.

Some of you may have struggled to put falsies on, or even if you succeeded, they didn’t stay on all day… But once you learn the proper fundamentals, you’ll find that the speed and ease of using false lashes can replace a lot of eye products in your makeup bag!

With false lashes you can easily take your makeup skills to the next level.

What’s more, when you’re done, all you need to do is peel them off, making them the perfect fit for your busy lifestyle!

With a better grasp of the basics – the different types and the proper steps of application – you’ll be a master of false lashes in no time!

1. So what are the benefits of wearing false lashes?

As someone who already has an eye-make up routine, you might not be inclined to add, or see the need for, false eyelashes.

While adding length and volume to your natural lashes are given benefits of false lashes, they also can help you achieve looks that aren’t as easily achieved with other eye products!

Just by choosing the right style, you can switch up your look, and unlock a multitude of benefits: you can make your eyes look bigger, add some attention-grabbing brilliance to your eye-area, or conversely subtly and easily enhance your eyes for those who tend to over-obsess when it comes eye makeup…

False lashes can help give three-dimensionality to your face that is harder to achieve with other makeup, like giving depth or widening the appearance of your eye, even enhancing your profile. Just by putting on a pair of falsies!

2. What your need to get started

– False lashes
– Eyelash glue
– Eyelash curler
– Tweezers (optional)

3. The different types of lashes

There are several different factors to consider when choosing your false lashes

Top or Bottom?

• False lashes made for your upper lashes. These lashes will be worn above your natural lash line
• False lashes made for your bottom lashes. These lashes will be worn below your natural lash line.

Base Color

• Clear Bases: Clear bases are good for when your eyeliner is a lighter color (e.g. light brown) and it blends nicely with your eyeshadow.
• Black Bases: Black bases are compatible with most eye liner and eye shadow. Falsies with a thicker base can even give an eye-liner effect

Base Thickness

• Thin Bases: Because the base is not that obvious, it doesn’t get in the way of your other eye makeup. Thinner bases tend to be more flexible, making it easier to mold to your eye and more comfortable to wear.
• Thick Bases: Thicker bases enhance your eyes like eyeliner does. Because they tend to be stiffer, it is easier to feel the false eyelashes’ fit. Some people are even able to create a double-eyelid simply by using false eyelashes with a thicker, stiffer base.


• Full Lashes: Full lashes are made to fit along your entire lash line. You can use these lashes to enhance your entire eye.
• Half Lashes: Half lashes are used to enhance only a portion of your lash line, like just the outer edges, or just the center. Because there is less surface area that needs to stay on, and tend to not be for your inner eye, it is a lot easier to handle and maintain. These lashes can be used while still taking advantage your natural lashes, making them a good intro for false lash beginners.
• Individual Lashes: Individual lashes are small bundles of fake lashes that can be attached one at a time to specific areas of your lash line. A common misconception is that these are easier to use. However, because it can actually be quite difficult to adjust and match the angle at which they’re attached, we recommend individual falsies only for more experienced users.

Knotted or Glued

• Knotted Lashes: Because each hair is knotted onto the base thread, this style can have large quantities of thin hair, giving a delicate yet full look. The designs for knotted lashes can be much more subtle.
• Glued Lashes: These lashes are made by placing each hair individually on a base thread and then adding another base thread on top, sandwiching the hairs together. This method tends to use slightly thicker hairs, even overlapping the hairs to make different patterns. Because the base thread is thick, it can give a similar effect to using eyeliner.

Straight or Crossed

• Straight Lashes: Your natural lashes tend to overlap, but using straight lashed falsies make your lashes look more spread out and voluminous, enhancing your eyes.
• Crossed Lashes: These lashes mimic the way your natural lashes grow, making them more subtle. By crossing the hairs, cross lashed falsies can give volume to your eyes while maintaining a more natural look.


4. How to choose the right style for you

In order to make a decision, figure out what your eye shape is as well as what look you are going for.

• Monolid: You have a monolid if your eyelid is thick, and the roots of your eyelashes are covered by your eyelid. If this is the case for you, we recommend false lashes that have a bit of length to them. Some people find that using false lashes that have a thick base can actually make an artificial demi-lid or even a double eyelid. If full lashes just don’t seem to stay on, try using a pair of half lashes on the outer corners of your eye


• Demi-lid: You have a demi-lid if the inner corner of your eye is a bit covered by your eyelid, and the outer corner of your line has a crease where your eyelid folds in. With this eye shape most types of false lashes should be compatible. By using full lashes to add length, especially to the inner corner of your eyes, false lashes can give your eyes some extra emphasis. Make sure to look for a style that has length for maximum effect.


• Double-eye lid: You have a double eye lid if you have a crease above your eye that folds your eye lid, and the roots of your eyelashes are fully visible. For a natural look, we recommend choosing a more subtle style since it will be visible in its entirety.


• Small eyes: Your eyes are on the smaller side if you don’t have as much width, and the iris seems to take up most of your eyes (a.k.a. the whites of your eyes aren’t that visible). To make your eyes look bigger, use full lashes angled upwards to increase the surface area of your eye region.


• Large Eyes: Your eyes are large if the eyeball itself is large and the tear duct region is on the fuller side. If you feel like falsies might be too flashy, or you can’t seem to achieve a clean, sharp look, we recommend choosing lashes that are subtle. Find a style that holds back on length and volume – using a pair of half lashes can also do the trick!


5. The basics to putting on false lashes

• Take a look at our tutorial video! Sometimes just seeing it is easier to understand than just reading 🙂

• When you’re using false lashes, make sure that your eye make up is already done. Putting on your falsies last is crucial!

⓵ Removing the false lashes

False lashes are very delicate, so make sure you handle them with care. Use the belly of your thumb or a pair of tweezers to gently remove the lashes from the base.

⓶ Place the false lashes on your eye

Before putting on your false lashes with glue, try them on for size. Test different positions and angles to see what suits you best.

⓷ Trim the width

If you think the false lashes are too big, use a pair of eyebrow scissors to trim the lashes. When cutting, make sure to start from the side that corresponds with the inner corner of your eye.

⓸ Bend and stretch the base thread

New false lashes tend to be stiff, making it difficult to adhere to the shape of your eye. Take both ends of the base thread and bend and stretch it about ten times. This makes it more flexible and easier to apply.

⓹ Put on the eyelash glue

Apply the eyelash glue to the base thread. The glue should just hide the base thread.

⓺ Apply the false lashes as if you are placing them on top of your natural lashes

First attach the center of the eye, making sure the position is correct, and then attach the trickier inner and outer corners of your eye. Once it is in place, grab both your natural lashes and your false lashes together and push the base thread into your eyelid to make sure it stays put.

⓻ Adjust the angle of the false lashes

Once the false lashes are in place, take a moment to adjust the angle. To make your eyes look bigger, gently push up on the lashes, lifting the angle up. For a more natural look, gently push down, lowering the angle of the false lashes just a bit.


And that’s it!
Once you are used to it, this process shouldn’t take more than a minute. After a week of practice, putting on false lashes should become second nature. With these steps as a guide, we hope you give false lashes a go

6. False Eyelash FAQ

Q.Can I use mascara on false lashes?
A. We would not recommend putting mascara on the lashes because it could potentially damage it. But, putting mascara on your natural lashes before you apply your falsies is totally okay!

Q.How many times can you re-use false lashes?
A. Naturally this depends on how gently you handle your false lashes, but if properly used, most lashes can be used about 30 times. This means you don’t put any make up, cleansing liquids, etc. on the lashes, and once you take them off, you put them away in their case. Little steps like this will help ensure the longevity of your false lashes. Once the base thread no longer holds its curve, that’s a good sign that a new pair of falsies is needed.

Q.Can I wash my false lashes?
A. We don’t recommend washing them as it can cause the lashes to deteriorate. If you absolutely must wash them, lightly wash them and try to avoid directly washing the base thread.

Q.Can I trim the lashes if they’re too long?
A. At KOJI, we specifically design the tip of false lashes thin to blend into your natural lashes. Trimming them can make them look highly unnatural, so we don’t recommend cutting to adjust them.

Q.My false lashes don’t look even
A. We recommends starting with your non-dominant hand to put on the lashes on the corresponding side. That way, you can use your more agile dominant hand to put on the other lashes, adjusting it to look symmetrical. While you are still getting used to using false lashes, we recommend starting with half lashes that are more subtle.Or, give yourself a break from staring in the mirror. It’s pretty likely that it’s not as crooked as you think, and most people won’t even notice!

Q. There’s a gap because my natural lashes and my false lashes don’t curl the same way!
A. First, try curling your lashes before you put on the false lashes! If your eyelashes tend to droop, try using mascara to help keep the curl. Also try angling your false lashes down just a little!
We don’t recommend to curl false lashes and natural lashes together
because false lashes may lose their design and original curl

Q.What’s the difference between false lashes and lash extensions?
A. Lash extensions is a process where individual fake eyelash hairs are attached directly to your natural lashes. These cannot be removed until they fall off. Lash extensions is a semi-permanent way to emphasize your eyes.
False lashes are temporarily attached to your eyelid/the skin around your eyes. Because they are not attached directly to your natural lashes, you can change them out and easily try different styles.

Q.What is the difference in quality between cheap falsies and more expensive ones?
A. As far as KOJI brand false lashes goes, the quality does not change among the different brands. What sets each one apart are their designs. More simple designs often take less time to make, and therefore easier to produce more, making it possible for us to price them lower.

7.In conclusion…

False lashes can be the secret tool that takes your makeup to the next level. Once you’ve mastered how to put them on, false lashes can take less time than putting on layers of mascara, and be more effective! Follow this guide and you’ll be on your way to upping your eye makeup game.


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